Credit: Shay Mitchell's Instagram Photo: Shay Mitchell's Self Magazine Photoshoot: Behind-the-Scenes

We all got to see Shay Mitchell (Emily) rocking a tie-dye bikini bottom and orange tank-top on the cover of Self Magazine, but not she's gifting us with a cute behind-the-scenes pic. It's a good day, Pretty Little Liars, lovers!

Shay posted this photo on
Instagram yesterday (May 14), showing a sexy pic of herself in a yellow dress and turquoise heels. She wrote, "Working on a new blog post of my personal #bts pics and videos from the @selfmagazine cover shoot! Coming up on soon"

How cute does Shay look playing with a beach ball during the shoot? If you can stop girl crushing for a minute, give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Pretty Little Liars
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