Credit: Lesa Amoore

Pretty Little Liars fans, we have a serious question for you: Could Julian Morris be any hotter?

The sexy Brit recently posed for a wet ‘n’ wild photo shoot, and thanks to photographer Lesa Amoore, here’s a sample of the hotness to expect. For these sexy pics, in which the actor hoses himself off after what we could only imagine was a long, hard day, Julian doesn’t even need to be shirtless to have us swooning. But seriously, why isn’t he shirtless more often? You’d think between his screentime on Pretty Little Liars and ABC’s Once Upon a Time, he’d have at least one shirtless scene.

Now, if only we’ll get to see Dr. Wren in a similar position in Season 4. We doubt Spencer — or Hanna! — would mind. We'll be counting down the days (Emily Thorne-style!) to Dr Wren's return to our TV screens. 

Now, excuse us while we gather our thoughts.

What do you think of these sexy pics, PLL fans? Would you like to see Wren shirtless more often? Sound off in the comments!