Ashley Benson is setting the record straight. After being romantically linked to the likes of James Franco, Tyler Blackburn, Keegan Allen and Izak Rappaport, this Pretty Little Liars star wants everyone to know that she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

When HuffPost Celebrity asked the pretty little starlet about the dumbest thing she’s read about herself, Ash replied: “That I’m dating all of my friends. Every time I’m hanging out with Tyler [Blackburn], Keegan [Allen], my friend Izak, my friends who are girls, I’m dating all of them. It’s very strange. I have a new boyfriend, a new girlfriend every week. But I’m single and I don’t have a boyfriend.”

So there you have it, Pretty Little Liars fans. Our girl Ashley is single, so if you spot her out with a handsome fella, chances are he’s just one of her BFFs!

“I love hanging out with guys,” Ash told HuffPost. “I have girlfriends too, but I’m more of a tomboy. I don’t really like all of that. I’m very laid back and kind of quiet.”

We don’t know about that one, Ash. We’ve seen how crazy you can get in your Keeks!

We’re loving that Ash is single and loving it. Get it, girl! We’re blasting Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” in solidarity.