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The news that the identity of the Queen of Hearts will finally be revealed in the Season 4 premiere has us speculating on all cylinders. Who is the person behind the mask, responsible for trying to throw Aria off of a train and attacking Spence and Paige in the Halloween episode? Here are our five best guesses:


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The closer we get to the Season 4 premiere, the more we're convinced it is Detective Wilden in the trunk. Why else the influx of new police officers and the escalation of Rosewood's crime to the state level? We know that we are going to discover both what's in the trunk and the Queen of Heart's identity in the Season 4 premiere. What if they happen at the same time? It's embarrassing enough to be found dead in one's own police car, but to also be dressed in an Alice in Wonderland-inspire costume? If he weren't already dead, Wilden would die of embarrassment, we're sure.


Ezra was both absent from the Halloween train party (or so he claims) and managed to show up rather quickly after the train had stopped. We call shenanigans, Mr. Fitz! Either the job interview Ezra was supposedly at was in the caboose, or he had something more to do with the events of that Halloween train ride. It pains us to think he could do anything to hurt Aria, but as long as we're pointing fingers, we can't help but admit Ezra's timing is impeccable.


Let's face it: the good Dr. Wren is suspicious. He pops up every once in a while to stick his nose in the Liars' business. He has connections to the creepy Radley Sanitarium. Plus, he would look great as the Queen of Hearts. Judging by the size of the fake nail the Queen leaves behind and the timbre of his/her grunt, the costume could easily be hiding a man, and we think Wren may be the fake-nailed fellow.


Apparently, Mona is “spilling it” in the Season 4 premiere. Uncharacteristic, we know, but the girl has to give something up now that she’s on Team Liars. We think one of the secrets she spills could be the identity of the Queen of Hearts. There have been a few clues that Mona is not the Queen of Hearts herself, but those could have just been to throw us off. It would be the simplest answer – at least narratively – for Mona to confess that she was the Queen of Hearts all along (though we can't imagine how the Liars will feel about working with her after she's tried to push at least one of them off of a moving train).

Red Coat

If the Queen of Heart's identity is revealed by Mona, Red Coat is also a possible answer. This would be a bit of a cop out, as we're still not really sure who Red Coat actually is. (Is it Ali? Or was that a mask?!) But it makes some sense. Red Coat seems willing to do harm (though why would she try to kill Aria in the Halloween episode only to save her in the Season 3 finale?) and she has a thing for masks. Though this would make her attitude towards the Liars glaringly inconsistent, Red Coat is enough of a question mark that we would still believe it.

Who do you think the Queen of Hearts is? Sound off in the comments below!

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 premieres on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.