Credit: Twitter

From Rosewood's creepiest cop, Detective Wilden, to a lucid dreamer, Pretty Little Liars star Bryce Johnson can do it all. But his latest project needs your help, Pretty Little Liars fans! Bryce's latest short film, LUCIDIA, is a psychological thriller about a man who loses his grip on reality. However, in order to get the passion project funded, writer and director Micah Stuart created a Kickstarter to help raise the $10,000 needed for the short.

Everyone from Zach Braff to the creators of Veronica Mars have used the site to help fund their projects, and now it appears that a Pretty Little Liars star will be following in their footsteps! So what is Bryce's new film about?

According to the site, LUCIDIA follows Evan Ross (Bryce Johnson), who after a traumatic even, suffers a psychotic break leaving him tormented by violent dreams. At his therapist's suggestion Evan tries lucid dreaming to help control his nightmares. But before long, his waking life and dream state bleed together, pushing him deeper into the dark places of his mind.

Sounds pretty cool, right PLL fans? This isn't the first time a Pretty Little Liars star has used Kickstarter to help fund a passion project. Last year, Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell raised over $50,000 for their short film, Immediately Afterlife.

So what do you say, PLL fans? Let's help turn Bryce's dream project into a reality! You can pledge to LUCIDIA and receive some cool merchandise in return! on the short film's official Kickstarter page