Since Pretty Little Liars star Tammin Sursok (Jenna) announced her pregnancy, we’ve been over the moon for the mom-to-be. While she’s kept relatively private about her baby, she took to Twitter today to make a big announcement.

It turns out that Tammin knows the sex and name of her Pretty Little baby! This afternoon, she tweeted:

Oh, she was just teasing us! It makes sense that she wants to keep this a secret — and since she used the theme song as a play on words, we’ll let her have this one — since it’s such a private matter. However, we do hope that she shares some information soon, even if it's just another cute baby bump pic or narrowing down her name choices.

Though we’re not experts on this, she could say the baby will be named Spencer, Alex, or Ashley and still keep us guessing about the sex, plus have a PLL tie-in... jussayin’!

Do you think Tammin’s baby will be a boy or a girl? Sound off below!