Looking to create Hanna’s signature makeup look on Pretty Little Liars? Well, you’re in luck. PLL Head Makeup Artist Cindy Miguens is pairing with Disney Style to bring “behind the makeup” tutorials on all of the Liars’ looks. First up, is girly-girl Hanna. Check out the video of Cindy describing what products she uses on Ashley Benson to create Hanna’s smoky eyes and soft cheekbones.

“Basically, with Hanna, I am doing a soft, smoky eye,” Cindy shares her secrets. “I love using the NARS’ black cream on her lid. It’s a really beautiful cream to use to make a smoky. It’s probably one of my favorites.”

Cindy says she uses creams rather than powders so the black eye shadow doesn’t drop onto the cheek. As for liner, Cindy uses kohl black liner from Benefit, which she describes as “a perfect smoky eye pencil.” After the black, she applies blue liner on Hanna to “accent her gorgeous blue eyes.” Cindy finishes off the eyes with her go-to palette, a “beautiful, neutral matte” that she uses on all of the Liars.

Applying makeup on set can be fast-paced, so Cindy says she loves uses sticks to touch-up lips in-between takes. Another go-to product is concealer from AmazingCosmetics. Cindy uses it on Ash underneath her eyes and on any last-minute breakouts that may pop up.

If you admired Hanna’s cheek line in the Season 4 premiere, you can thank Cargo’s shimmer blush (and genetics). Cindy used a soft pink on Ash’s cheeks, and says to “let me know if you like this on her because I’ll use it more often.” Will do, Cindy!

Do you like Hanna’s smoky eyes and shimmering cheekbones? Have you tried any of this makeup tips yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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