Pretty Little Liars Season 4 is underway, and it is so lovely to have our favorite (and even our not-so-favorite) Rosewood characters back in our lives again. But there are some Rosewood residents that have not yet appeared in the current season, and to be honest, we really miss them. Here are eight former Rosewoodians we want to see return  if only to see what they’re up to! 

Lucas Gottesman

We worry about Lucas partially because he could be involved with the “A” Team, and partially because he’s had a rough couple of seasons. Not so long ago, he gambled away thousands of dollars of Caleb’s savings (or so he says) and was blackmailed by Mona into doing evil tasks for the “A” Team (or so he says). We think Hanna should definitely check in with her friend, if only to make sure he isn’t being used as a pawn against the Liars. Also, for any information that might help in the Liars’ quest for “A.”

Jason DiLaurentis

Jason’s absence from Rosewood is more obvious than most because of his dramatic departure. Jason disappeared from his hospital bed after nearly dying in a freak elevator “accident.” We know from Marlene’s tweets that Jason left of his own volition, but we don’t know why and we don’t know what he is up to. Mrs. DiLaurentis claims that Jason is down South, helping his grandmother fix up her smelly old house, but we don’t buy it. When has Jason ever not had some secret agenda? We want to know what it is, and that is a lot harder when he is not in town. The Powers That Be say Jason might be back in Season 4. We just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

Byron Montgomery

Last season, suspicion was thrown onto Byron when Garrett mentioned he had seen Aria’s dad with Alison the night of her murder. Aria eventually confronted her father about it, and he insisted he had nothing to do with it, but that Ali was blackmailing him for money. Aria trusts her father, and we’re not convinced he is a killer, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t hiding more. If he lied once about what happened that night, there’s no reason to think he isn’t lying about other things. Could there have been more than just a job offer behind the Montgomery family’s choice to spend the year following Ali’s death in Iceland?

Mike Montgomery

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Speaking of Montgomerys, Mike was sadly absent from the entirety of Season 3. We know Aria’s younger brother will be back in Season 4, Episode 5: “Gamma Zeta Die,” but that doesn’t mean we’re not including him on our list. Mike has had a hard time with his parents’ divorce (and we’re not sure how well he will take the news that Ella Montgomery is planning to move to Austria for almost a year), and we want to know how he’s doing. Is he still friends with Noel Kahn? Does he know anything about Ali’s death? There’s no reason to think he knows something about Ali or “A,” but everyone in Rosewood seems to be connected to the mystery. Why not Mike Montgomery?

Wesley Fitzgerald

While we’re on the subject of brothers, we’d also like to put in a request to see Ezra’s return. Unlike Mike, there’s been no confirmation that Wesley Fitzgerald will be back in Rosewood any time soon (though, Gregg Sulkin does sound hopeful at the prospect), but we’re dying to see what happens between Aria and Wes next. Last time these two were together, they shared a kiss while Ezra was out of town. Wes took off right afterwards, robbing us of witnessing the awkward aftermath. Why must you be so insensitive towards our feelings, Wesley!

Wren Kingston

If there’s anyone who we would keep an eye on in Rosewood, it’s Wren (okay, and maybe Melissa). We haven’t seen the doctor since he visited Spencer in Radley last season, but we have so many questions for him. What was up with the weird vibe between him and Eddie Lamb? Does he know anything about Toby’s mother? And, more generally, why is he so interested in the Liars’ lives? Word is Wren will be “all over” Episode 10, but do we really have to wait that long to see him again?... Paging, Dr. Kingston.

CeCe Drake

Cece is another Rosewood resident who fled town last season and hasn’t been heard from since (in all of their defenses, it doesn’t sound like such a bad strategy). We never trusted Cece. When she isn’t actively lying to the Liars, she is manipulating them - just like her protege, Ali. Cece definitely knows more about Ali’s death than she’s letting on, and we think the Liars are finally ready to confront her about it (they are getting pretty desperate). Now, all we need to wait for is Cece Drake to return to town. Spoilers tell us that Cece will definitely be back for the summer finale. That seems forever away.

Dr. Sullivan

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The reveal that Toby is the same “Pretty Eyes” that blackmailed Dr. Sullivan into following the “A” Team agenda in Season 2 made us super suspicious of Dr. Sullivan. If she knew that Toby was involved with “A” for an entire season, why didn’t she tell the Liars? Sure, she could have feared for herself and for the son she has mentioned, but that doesn’t exactly put our minds at ease. Could she still be cooperating with the “A” Team? Now that Toby is off of the “A” Team (kind of), we think it could be time for the Liars to have another group therapy session with Dr. S..but this time, they should be the ones asking the questions.

Which absent characters do you most want to see return to PLL and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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