The gorgeous girls of Pretty Little Liars may like a good cocktail, but one of them is taking a major break from getting tipsy.

Torrey DeVitto (Melissa Hastings) took to Twitter over the weekend, posting about her new lifestyle change. She wrote, "Alcohol and I have become too close of friends. No drinking for 2 months. Till sept 7th. Who's in with me? Keep me in check! #healthylivin."

As for how Torrey plans to stay away from the booze? "Trading in these juices for this juice for the next two months..." she tweeted, along with a photo of a vegetable juice next to some tequila. Attagirl!

What do you think of Torrey giving up drinking this summer? Weigh in below!

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Credit: Torrey DeVitto's Instagram Photo: Torrey DeVitto Gives Up Alcohol