Credit: Instagram

It’s no secret that Ashley Benson (Hanna) and Tyler Blackburn (Caleb) are close. It’s obvious both to people who don’t know them personally (i.e. us) and people who do (i.e. PLL director Norman Buckley). Norman just posted an on-set video that highlights the “very special relationship” (Norman’s words) between the PLL co-stars.

In the video, Tyler is enthusiastically twerking, while Ash slaps his butt. This goes on for longer than you might think it will before cutting to a shot of Ash giving dual thumbs-ups and commenting, “Great ass.”

“Was it good for you?” Tyler asks.

The most telling thing about this video is how no one in the background has any reaction to Ash and Ty-Ty’s antics. They are obviously used to this sort of silly behavior from the real-life BFFs. We love that!

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