Pretty Little Liars is all about shocking moments and sweeping romance, and nothing punctuates a good scene like the perfect song. If you love the Pretty Little Liars music as much as we do, check out the music from tonight’s episode, Season 4, Episode 6: "Under the Gun."

We’ll be updating this post throughout the episode, so stay tuned (and keep refreshing) for updates. Plus, if you scroll to the bottom, you can follow our ongoing Season 4 playlist, which includes all of your fave tunes from PLL!

Artist: Gentleman Hall
Song: "Along You Came"
I dropped my anchor in a low tide
Drowning in my own pride
Love is like the ocean
Oooh I
Was sinking to the bottom

Artist: Anthony Starble
Song: "We Need to Be Loved" (Acoustic)
Scene: Performance at The Brew at the end of the episode.
If you need my hands to pull you up above the earth
I will lift you up to show you just how much you're worth
Because we need to be loved

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