Credit: Ashley Benson's Instagram Photo: Ashley Benson Goes Brunette

You're not seeing things, Pretty Little Liars junkies. Both Ashley Benson (Hanna) and her co-star Shay Mitchell (Emily) did in fact change up their hair colors in the very same week!

While Shay lightened things up with some blond highlights, Ashley went for a darker look with tints of brown. Along with a photo of herself posing with her hair stylists, Ash wrote, "Changin it up @brittjking @apolillo thanks lovers." We're not ready to say goodbye to those bright waves!

But hey, even though blondes have more fun, we're sure our fave Spring Breakers starlet will still have a blast this summer. After all, Shay did tweet, "scenes with @AshBenzo take A LOT of work... to not laugh!" It looks like these PLL besties have a great time no matter what color their hair is!

What do you think of Ashley's new 'do? Weigh in below.

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Credit: Ashley Benson's Instagram Photo: Ashley Benson's New Hair