The Pretty Little Liars stars often post cute pictures from their pasts for Throwback Thursday, but Ashley Benson (Hanna) may have outdone herself by digging up this absolutely adorable letter she once wrote the Tooth Fairy.

In the letter, which you can see to the right (click on the photo to enlarge), a young Ashley laments that she lost a tooth that day — literally! Not only did one of her baby teeth come out, but she accidently dropped it down the sink while trying to rinse it off.

This was, of course, incredibly distressing to little Ashley. "I was crying so bad I have rashes on my eyes right in the corner," Ash explains in this handwritten note, before adding that she wants to find the tooth tomorrow, but can she please have the money for it tonight?

If we were the Tooth Fairy, we wouldn't be able to say no!

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Source: @AshBenzo

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