Credit: Twitter

We haven’t seen Wilden’s swampy police cruiser since the Season 4 premiere, shortly before the detective was found dead! What happened to this vital piece of evidence that happens to have the Liars’ fingerprints all over it? From the looks of Pretty Little Liars writer Joseph Dougherty’s recent Twitter pics, the car is about to make a return appearance.

“The return of the Wilden-mobile,” tweeted Joseph yesterday, along with a pic of Wilden’s swampy police cruiser. “Up from the depths” says a second tweet with the cruiser. Either we’re looking at a flashback, or the Liars haven’t seen the last of the Wilden-mobile.

Credit: Twitter

The car was a recurring theme in Season 3. Hanna convinced Aria to help her push it into a lake when the cruiser turned up in the Marin garage shortly after Ashley Marin hit Wilden with her own car. The car seemingly stayed submerged until it popped back up again in all its swamp-stained grandeur in the Season 3 finale — along with a video showing Ashley’s hit-and-run and a foul-smelling dead pig in the trunk. Mona’s quick thinking saw the video erased, but not before the Liars got their fingerprints all over the vehicle.

We’re not sure why the car is re-surfacing just now. We assumed the Rosewood PD had it in their possession, but they are notoriously bad at solving crime. Maybe their incompetence is rubbing off on the state cops, as well? Whether this is a flashback or a scene that takes place in the PLL present, we can’t help but think this spells bad news for the Liars.

Why do you think Wilden’s cruiser is back? Do you think it will appear in a flashback or in a regular scene? Share your theories in the comments below!

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