Summertime is the perfect time to talk fruit lots of hot, humid days when all you want is a juicy piece of fruit or a colorful fruit salad to tide you over. But what is Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson’s (Hanna) go-to fruit for those sunny California days?

The PLL actress tweeted yesterday that “raspberries and blueberries” are her favorites. Berries all the way, Benzo! Unfortunately, Ashley has yet to answer the Twitter follow-up question “Best cake ever?” But we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

It’s a good thing Ash likes fruit. Otherwise, the actress would never survive all of those pressed juice cleanses she’s been tryinhg recently. "Round 2 of @pressedjuicery 3 day cleanse mmmmm," she wrote in May, along with an Instagram photo of herself and her liquid meal. We’ll take your word for it, Ash!

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