Where does the time go? It feels like just yesterday that we were being introduced to the crazy world of Rosewood, and somehow Pretty Little Liars is already well into the fourth season. Over the last four seasons we've been served a lot of thrills, chills, and romance. From now on, we'll be celebrating Flashback Fridays with a memorable scene from a Pretty Little Liars season past, because as much as we like the present season, sometimes nostalgia is fun.

As the question of whether or not Alison is still alive stretches on, let's revisit the first time Ali "appeared" to one of the Liars in the present: Her "visit" to a groggy Hanna in the hospital during Season 1, Episode 11: "Moments Later."

In this surreal, glowing clip, Ali, rocking a candy striper dress, comes to Hanna and drops cryptic hints about what happened the night she disappeared.

"What happened when you left the barn?" Hanna, dazed enough to just accept Ali's presence, asks. "We all want to know."

"You already do," Ali replies. "The four of you combined, you remember more about that night than you think you do."

While this entire scene could easily be explained as a hallucination — Hanna is in recovery from a car accident, after all — Hanna later saw that there was a lipstick mark left on a cup in her room. Could Ali really have visited her? Hopefully we'll find out the truth of this ongoing mystery soon enough.

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