Damn you, Ian Harding (Ezra) and Ryan Guzman (Jake)! You’re not supposed to actually like one another. Your characters adore the same lovely lady: Aria Montgomery. Unfortunately, the Pretty Little Liars cast camaraderie is too powerful a force to fight against. Don’t believe us? Check out this photo evidence of Ian and Ryan enjoying one another’s company.

“Ezrake anyone?” PLL office production assistant Daniel Villalobos tweeted, along with a pic of Ian and Ryan laughing together. Yes, please.

We’re guessing their character counterparts are less excited at the Ezrake prospect. Did you see the way Ezra was eyeing Ryan and Aria’s coffee convo last episode? And that was before the two even really started dating. What is he going to think when he sees them dancing together at the hoedown? And what is Jake going to think when/if he sees Ezra reaching out to Aria at the same dance? We doubt we’ll be seeing any canon Ezrake anytime soon...

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