There’s no doubt in our minds that learning Ezra (Ian Harding) had a 7-year-old son from a previous relationship but a huge strain on his romance with Aria (Lucy Hale). Ezria didn’t break up just because of little Malcolm, but the the complications that arose from Ezra being a father certainly played a big part in Ezria’s demise.

But was all the heartbreak all for naught? During August 13’s Season 4, Episode 10: “The Mirror Has Three Faces,” Ezra made the shocking discovery that Malcolm isn’t really even his son after all!

Malcolm’s mother, Maggie, always knew there was a possibility that Ezra wasn’t the boy’s father. But she wished more than anything that he was, so that is the story she always told herself.

However, when Maggie finally decided to get a paternity test and find out for sure, Ezra got wind of the test and made sure to get a look at the results. And you know what? He’s not Malcolm’s biological father after all.

Given this huge reveal, we can’t help but wonder what it could mean for the future of Aria and Ezra’s relationship. Once Aria finds out, would she consider getting back together with Ezra? Perhaps, but it’s worth noting that Malcolm’s existence isn’t the core reason Aria and Ezra broke up. Their relationship had plenty of problems and issues even before all the baby mama drama.

What’s more, Aria’s hot new boyfriend Jake (Ryan Guzman) appears to be sticking around for a while... at least as Ryan tells it! Does the big Malcolm paternity reveal get your hopes up for an Ezria reunion, or do you want Aria to stay with her new man. Head to the comments and sound off.