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Just in case you’re worried about dealing with Pretty Little Liars withdrawals when the show has it’s midseason finale in a few weeks, worry not. PLL might be going off the air for a bit, but you can still catch Troian Bellisario (Spencer) in her brand new movie.

Troian has a role in writer David Sedaris’ new film, C.O.G., which is based on the famed author’s life. Broadway veteran and former Glee guest star Jonathan Groff (Jesse St. James) has the starring role, with Troian coming alongside to play his best friend, Jennifer.

The trailer shows Jonathan's David setting out on a journey to discover himself... something that, for him, apparently involves running off to a small town in Oregon to “get [his] hands dirty” working in an apple orchard. He’s a Yale grad, a clear intellectual... and completely out of place in the simple, blue-collar town. David is highly skeptical of religion, but strangely enough ends up getting involved with a “Child of God” (or “C.O.G.”) religious group.

Troian makes her debut about midway through the trailer — looking very WASPy and Spencer-esque in a maroon beret — and chiding David for his lower-class new associates. “These people are trash!” she snarls.

C.O.G. first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and will be hitting theaters, as well as VOD, on September 20. Perfect. Just in time to save us from our inevitable post-PLL doldrums.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter