Credit: Jamie Chung's Instagram/Jason Merritt/Getty Images

We’ve loved the extra screen time Ezra (Ian Harding) has been getting with non-Aria characters in Pretty Little Liars Season 4. But has it led to an off-screen Twitter-fight?! What could Troian Bellisario (Spencer) have done to pick an online fight with her co-star?

“Just because we're the smartest kids in school doesn't mean we're not badass. @Brandonwjones and I say Suck it @actuallyharding,” Troian awesomely tweeted at Ian on August 14. Troian included a snapshot of she and her soon-to-return potential love interest Brandon W. Jones (Andrew) looking fierce in front of a chalkboard that reads “Mr. Fitz sucks.” Bold move, Troian.

Not one to let a taunt lie, Ian fired back: “@SleepintheGardn nice Instagram post ya douche,” along with the teasing threat: “oh hahahahahhaha ha wow that's so great DON'T SLEEP TONIGHT.”

We love when the PLL cast and crew tease each other on Twitter! (And it does seem to happen to Ian quite a lot, which we read as a sign of genuine affection.) We loved the short scene between Spence and Ezra in this week’s episode, and we hope Troian’s inciting snapshot means more Spencer/Fitz to come!

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