Ashley Benson (Hanna) is no Hefty Hanna in real life.

The Pretty Little Liars actress took to Instagram on August 15, posting a sweaty photo of herself sitting on a workout mat and holding a big bottle of Evian up to her head. This girl doesn't play around! As for what left Ashley so wiped out? Along with the pic, she wrote, "day 1 @ashley_conrad kicked my butttttt."

According to her Instagram, Ashley Conrad is a "Celebrity Trainer, Nutrition Guru and Overall bad-ass," so it looks like our Little Liar is in good hands with her new training program.

Aside from working one-on-one with a trainer, Ashley also stays in shape with boxing classes, pilates, and Paleta delivery meal service.

What do you think of this blond starlet's new butt-kicking exercise plan? Sound off in the comments!

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