Credit: ABC Family/Video Still

You already know that after Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars Season 4 summer finale, the show is going away for a while. There’s only one new episode of PLL after that this year — the Season 4 Halloween episode on October 22 — and then the show disappears again until its winter premiere in January 2014.

Depressing, we know. But now, there’s a bit of good news in the middle of all this sadness. PLL’s Season 4 Halloween episode is going to be a full two hours long! Well, sort of.

“It’s a story so big, it will take two hours to tell,” ABC Family’s brand new promos for the episode tease. But here's the thing: The episode itself will be one hour. The second hour of the episode is also serves as the series premiere of PLL’s new spinoff, Ravenswood, which starts at 9 p.m. 

The sneak peek teasers show Aria and the girls heading over to Ravenswood, the dark and mysterious Pennsylvania town located not too far from their home of Rosewood. “There’s something seriously weird going on in this town,” the Little Liars muse.

Later, Hanna appears to have gone missing. Spencer, Aria and Emily are seen all dressed up in their Halloween costumes, but Hanna is nowhere in sight. “Why would she just leave like that?!” Emily asks worriedly. “She wouldn’t,” a worried Spencer replies.

Between the horror of the Halloween show and the creepy, eeriness of  Ravenswood, we don’t expect to get a wink of sleep that night!