Hanna (Ashley Benson) clearly has a strong bond with her on-screen mom Ashley (Laura Leighton) — she even tried to save her by almost turning herself in for a murder that she didn't commit — but what are Ashley and her real life mama like?

The Pretty Little Liars actress seems to be super close with her family off screen too. The Benson clan went to Disneyland together earlier in the summer (rest assured, Ashley wore Minnie Mouse ears) and now they're hitting the town for a night of celebrating.

Ashley's mom Shannon took to Instagram, posting a photo of herself with her two daughters spending time together. Along with the pic, she wrote, "Night on the town with my girls for @shaybenzo's B-Day Dinner an [sic] dancing!"

Hey, if we didn't know any better, we would think Ashley's youthful mom was her other sister. And as for her actual sis Shaylene? We think Shay and Ash look super similar... minus the brunette vs. blond thing. But Ashley changes her hair color so often, anyway. We're sure they'd look like twins with the right dye job.

Do you think the Benson ladies look alot alike, or can you not even tell that they're related? Take a good look at the family photo and then let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Shannon Benson on Instagram

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