Ashley Benson’s (Hanna) indie movie Spring Breakers is getting a bit of Oscar buzz — at least, it is if the Internet has anything to say about it. The Hollywood Reporter writes that A24 films has launched an Oscar campaign for the raunchy flick, calling for a Best Supporting Actor nod for star James Franco in his turn as gangsta rapper Alien.

But we couldn’t help but wonder about another Spring Breakers star: Pretty Little LiarsAshley. Do you think Ash deserves some recognition for her role in the film?

Yes, she was awesome as Brit

Spring Breakers tells the story of four college friends who decide to rob a Chicken Shack to fund their spring break trip to Florida. They pull it off until they’re arrested by the cops with no bail money to speak of. To avoid spoiling the whole thing, we’ll just say scandalous chaos ensues. Ash plays bad girl Brit in the film, and she is pretty great. Brit is a wildly different character from good girl Hanna, and Ash really has a chance to stretch her acting wings in this raucous role.

No, but James Franco does

As much as we loved Ash (and the other girls’) turn in the film, James Franco is clearly the breakout performance. His grill-toothed, corn-rowed Alien is nigh unrecognizable. He all-out embraces this wild personality, and he deserves recognition for his committed transformation. We could get behind a campaign for a supporting actor nomination.

No, neither of the actors do

Of course, this is assuming Spring Breakers deserves any Oscar nominations at all. Critics were divided in their reaction to the film. While some found it to be an all-out, honest critique of out-of-control youth culture, others thought it was ineffective and even misogynistic. Even for those who loved the film, there are so many amazing movies and performances in any given year. Spring Breakers just might not make the cut…

Do you think Spring Breakers deserves some Oscar nominations? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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