Lucy Hale (Aria) already stars on one hit ABC Family TV series. Now, the Pretty Little Liars beauty is ready to make her way to another! Entertainment Tonight reveals that Lucy will appear during a Season 3 episode of the ABC Family comedy series Baby Daddy sometime in 2014... and it all came about at Lucy’s request.

It all went down when Baby Daddy actor Taj Mowry — whom you might recognize as T.J. from the ‘90s hit Smart Guy — interviewed Lucy for a behind-the-scenes feature for his show.

“Can Aria have a cameo on Baby Daddy?” the PLL star asked, mid-interview. “I’ll be there in two seconds. I’ll play Lucy. Whatever. Let’s make this happen, people. C’mon. I’m available.”

If you couldn’t tell, Lucy seemed pretty excited about the idea. Taj quickly echoed her sentiment, asking to some unseen face off-camera. “Can we please have Lucy on the show?”

Baby Daddy — which stars Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Ben, a young single dad raising his baby daughter, Emma, with the help of his brother, Danny (Derek Theler) and friends Riley (Chelsea Kane) and Tucker (Taj Mowry). There’s no word yet whether Lucy will appear as herself, Aria, or an original character. Who would you like to see her as? Head below to share your ideas and theories.

Source: Entertainment Tonight