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Pretty Little Liars often gets recognized for the beautiful ladies that compose the core four, but there are quite a few gentlemen on the cast and they are all hot. It’s about time we gave their rock-hard abs, bulging biceps, and winsome smiles the attention they so desperately deserve. (Yes, we're objectifying them. Sexually.) Here is our ranking of the hottest guys in Rosewood.

10. Noel Kahn

We haven’t seen handsome douchebag Noel Kahn since Season 3. Frankly, he probably wouldn’t have even made this list if not for the fact that Brant Daugherty, the man behind the role (who seems much sweeter than his on-screen counterpart), was just cast in the new season of Dancing With the Stars. Dancing and guitar-playing? You may not be our favorite fictional Kahn/Khan, but we can appreciate a hottie with skills.

9. Mike Montgomery

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Not so long ago, we would have felt creepy putting Aria’s baby brother, Mike Montgomery (aka Cody Allen Christian), on this list but he popped up after a year-long hiatus and, it turns out, he’s not so baby anymore. The younger Montgomery has obviously been playing a lot of lacrosse during his time off-screen because he’s blossomed into a full-on hottie. Extra maturity points for losing the ‘tude and backing his big sister up when she’s harassed in school. There’s nothing sexier than standing up for the people you care about.

8. Wesley Fitzgerald

We can’t put one PLL brother on the list and not mention the other! Ezra may be our favorite Fitzgerald, but his brother Wesley (Gregg Sulkin) is no slob. With those dark, soulful eyes and full lips, it’s no wonder Aria let him crash on her couch. We haven’t seen Wes since he skedaddled post-Aria kiss, but we hope he doesn’t stay away for too much longer.

7. Detective Holbrook

Detective Holbrook’s (Sean Faris) chiseled jaw didn’t get nearly enough play in Season 4A, but we’re hoping that will change moving forward. After Wilden and Garrett bit the dust, Rosewood was in need of a Designated Handsome Cop to fill its ranks, and Holbrook has done nicely. We haven’t yet figured out if we can trust him, but that would really just be an added bonus to the eye candy at this point.

6. Jason DiLaurentis

We’re punishing Jason for his extended absence from Rosewood by putting him further down this list than he probably deserves. But can you blame us? It’s been far too long since we’ve had an excuse to ogle Drew Van Acker. Why oh why have there not been more PLL pick-up basketball scenes? We’d watch another entire episode of Aria running around Rosewood looking for Mike if it meant we got to see another shirtless Jason scene.

5. Jake

PLL is a master of the sleight of hand. While Jason has been away, they have distracted us with martial arts instructor Jake (aka Step Up Revolution hottie Ryan Guzman) and this one does have a shirtless scene coming up. We haven’t completely warmed to the Jaria romance, but this storyline has been worth watching just for the opportunity to see Jake two-step across the dance floor in tight jeans and cowboy boots.

4. Wren Kingston

It’s a testament to Wren’s (Julian Morris) gorgeousness that even when we have near incontrovertible proof that he is up to no good we still find him so god-damn charming. We wouldn’t trust him as far as we can throw him, but those eyes! That smile! And that accent! And don’t even get us started on this bare bottom picture of Julian just published in the magazine Wonderland. Wren’s loyalties may be in question, but there’s no doubt he’s the sexiest doctor in Rosewood.

3. Ezra Fitz

Speaking of potentially villainous men on PLL, we’re not sure how Ezra’s (Ian Harding) recent reveal as “A” affects his hottie status. On the one hand, one of the things we liked about Ezra past his baby blues, occasional scruff, and tight-fitting vests was his kind, romantic side. Now that we know he’s a potential villain, we’re not sure what to think! Then again, watching Ezra storm into “A”’s lair at the end of the summer finale was kind of hot...

2. Toby Cavanaugh

We totally get why that diner waitress nicknamed Toby (Keegan Allen) “Pretty Eyes,” but she could have just as easily gone with “Chiseled Abs,” “Bulging Biceps,” or “Dimple Chin.” All would have been apt. Seeing Toby’s sensitive side this season while he delves into the truth about his mother’s death has only made his character sexier which we really didn’t think was possible. As long as he continues to stay away from the do-rag, Toby will always be near the top of our “Sexiest Men of Rosewood” list.

1. Caleb Rivers

Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) is the perfect blend of smarts, sarcasm, and sensitivity. He initially caught our attention with his soulful eyes and beautiful, beautiful head of hair, but he’s kept it by being the best boyfriend ever. Caleb’s sexiness comes from his desire to do anything to protect Hanna and keep her safe. The man offered to sell his car for Ashley Marin’s bail money. Game, set, and match.

Do you agree with our ranking of the hottest men in PLL? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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