We’re all kinds of torn up over the reality that Pretty Little Liars’ Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Ravenswood’s Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) will soon be on different shows, effectively ending their relationship as we know it. As much as we hope Haleb will one day be together again, in the meantime, we have a Hanna to worry about. She’s had a rough Season 4 so far, and we don’t want to see her fall into a pit of depression over Caleb’s departure, which is why we’re taking the time to find her the perfect rebound guy. Here are our top three picks!

Jeremy Sumpter

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You may best remember Jeremy Sumpter as the young Peter in the 2003 live action Peter Pan movie, but he’s all grown up now. More recently, Jeremy played young hot shot quarterback J.D. McCoy on Friday Night Lights. Jeremy really broke out his acting skills as he believably went from naive, good-natured freshman to arrogant star athlete in one season flat. Just something to keep in mind in case Pretty Little Liars wants to turn Hanna’s rebound guy into an “A” Team member after only a season. In the meantime, the ability to fly and to throw a perfect spiral? That should keep Hanna distracted for a bit. The twinkling blue eyes won’t hurt, either.

Grey Damon

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Another FNL actor (What? It was a really good show), Grey Damon is technically busy on another ABC Family show (Twisted) as Archie, Lacey’s ex-boyfriend and resident school jerk. But we think he’s totally wasted as the bad guy. We’ve seen how good Grey is at being super sweet on ABC Family’s short-lived The Nine Lives of Chloe King. Grey made us fall in love with him as good guy Brian by feigning interest in a cat-eared hat just so he could talk to Chloe. And we dare you not to fall in love with Grey IRL in this interview. We think Hanna could use some of Grey’s signature brand of hot guy silliness right about now.

Jack O’Connell

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We can totally see Hanna falling for a cheeky bad boy with a heart of gold, and nobody plays that better than Jack O’Connell. We fell in love with the young British actor when he played Cook on teen drama Skins, and we think it’s time Jack made the jump to American television. The best way for Hanna to distract herself from her own troubles might be to help solve someone else’s (she’s a pretty charitable person), and we think a vulnerable bad boy might be just the ticket. Jack gets extra points for his experience playing a character (Cook) investigating his best friend’s death. See, they have so much in common already!

Who do you think should be cast as Hanna’s rebound? Share your suggestions in the comments below!

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