In the Season 4 summer finale of Pretty Little Liars, the Liars conflated the identities of “A” and “Boardshorts” into one handy villain. But we saw something they didn’t: Ezra (Ian Harding) rushing into “A’s” stalking HQ at the end of the episode. Does this really mean that Ezra is “Board Shorts,” the older guy Ali had a fling with that summer in Cape May? Or could it have been someone else? We speculate below!

Who is “Board Shorts”?

We first learn about the infamous “Board Shorts” in Season 3, Episode 17: “Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno” when Emily finds an old conversation with Ali in her biology notebook. The gist of the convo: Ali had a fling with a “beach hottie” in Cape May the summer before she “died.” Further information provided by the less-than-reliable CeCe revealed that Ali had been hooking up with a mysterious older man without protection, and totally thought she was preggers. When Emily and Jason find a photo collage including a picture of Ali with Detective Wilden in Cape May, they immediately suspect the creeper cop of being “Board Shorts.” Later, Mona tells Spencer that Ali’s pregnancy was a false alarm, and Ali was never actually pregnant, but we don’t know how much “Board Shorts” knew.

Ezra as “Board Shorts”

Right now, Ezra is certainly looking guilty of stalking Red Coat (aka Ali?) and the Liars. But Ezra moved to Rosewood after Ali “died.” Why would he be stalking her? A fling in Cape May certainly explains it. It’s hard to imagine sensitive artist soul Ezra with mean girl Ali, but stranger things have happened and Ali can put on a new personality like other girls do a new outfit. We also know that Ezra comes from money. Though he has since turned his back on his family and their strict, traditional values, we could totally see him used to the tradition of spending the entire summer on some cape. You can take the boy out of the mansion...

Ezra has demonstrated that he’s willing to push the boundaries and date a younger girl with Aria. Aria was presented as an exception to Ezra’s otherwise strict moral code, but maybe he’s done this before. The first time Ezra and Aria meet in that bar in Rosewood Ezra initiates conversation with Aria after he sees her staring at Ali’s missing poster on the wall. As much as it pains us to say it, that timing is awfully suspicious. Not to mention Ezra recently brought up one of Aria’s short stories, which he said he always secretly thought was about Ali. At the time, we thought it was sweet him understanding Aria’s writing so well but, now, we wonder if it wasn’t Aria’s writing he connected to, but the feeling of missing Ali.

Other suspects

But we don’t want to believe Ezra is “Board Shorts”! And, though we have some speculation about why he could be, there are many other candidates who have garnered our suspicions. Top of the list: Dr. Wren, who a) has demonstrated he has no qualms about hooking up with high school girls and b) has a history wearing board shorts. Wren is actually seen wearing board shorts in the very first episode. Ballsy, PLL.

We’re still not convinced Wilden wasn’t “Board Shorts.” The picture of the two of them together on Cape May. His general creepiness. He seems like a perfect candidate for “Board Shorts” (and one who doesn’t totally break our hearts).

Do you think Ezra is “Board Shorts”? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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