Pretty Little Liars’ Ashley Benson (Hanna) can be pretty darn adorable as an adult, but she redefined cuteness as a kid. Thanks to her mom’s frequent social media throwbacks, we’ve seen Ash as a tap dancerAsh as a young actress, and Ash as a budding music video star. Now, we’re introduced to baby Ash as a camper, and she is cute as a button!

Credit: Instagram

Shannon Benson just posted this photo collage of a young Ash participating in “her many camping activities.” In the pics, we see Ash coloring, chowing down, catching worms, feeding the ducks, and helping with the dishes. She was obviously a busy and multi-talented child!

It’s hard to imagine Ash going camping today, but maybe we’re just confusing her personality with on-screen alter ego, Hanna, who is more of an indoor girl (unless Caleb is involved). It’s fun to see these little insights into Ash’s childhood. She seemed to be such a happy kid! Keep them coming, Ashley’s mom!

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