Wanna know what Pretty Little LiarsTammin Sursok (Jenna Marshall) looks like as a curly haired blonde? Well, look no further! Tammin tweeted a throwback pic of herself looking gorgeous as a blonde bombshell. Honestly, this woman could probably look good with a mop on her head.

Credit: Tammin Sursok Instagram

“#tbt old school Australia!” the Aussie actress tweeted, along with a snapshot of a younger version of herself with frizzy blond hair. In the pic, Tammin has a look of confused defiance, which totally works for her.

Tammin is totally a chameleon in this photo, which only makes us want to see Jenna adopting some serious disguises on PLL. We saw her dressed as Lady Gaga in the Season 2 Halloween special, but what about some clandestine undercover work from Jenna? After all, the girl is kind of on the run for her life. We’ll even throw Tammin a bone and let Alias Jenna have an Aussie accent. It also makes us think that Jenna could totally pull off double duty as Red Coat, aka a version of herself with long, blond hair. Just saying.

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