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Now here's a sight we don't see too often in Rosewood! 

Pretty Little Liars star Andrea Parker (Mrs. DiLaurentis) recently tweeted a photo of the DiLaurentis family together on set of Season 4, Episode 23. However, if you're hoping for a miraculous family reunion, don't hold your breath. Writer Maya Goldsmith promised there would be flashbacks in the penultimate episode, and given Ali's juvenile attire, we're guessing this is one of those flashbacks. 

However, we're more intrigued as to why there would be a DiLaurentis family flashback. We know Ali and her mom had a contentious relationship, and it looks like that will be explored in Season 4B“There's a reason her parents aren't a safe haven for her, and you'll see more about that next season,” Sasha Pieterse (Ali) recently told ETonline

We wonder if Ali and Jason had a similar relationship, seeing how jealous Jason was of Ali. Whatever the reason for this peek into the DiLaurentis family, we're just happy to see Jason again! He left Rosewood on a very mysterious note, so let's hope we get some present-day screentime with the brooding DiLaurentis as well. 

What do you think is going down in this pic, PLL fans? Sound off in the comments! 

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