Next week marks both the final episode in Ravenswood’s five-episode fall run, and the crossover arrival of Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson), no doubt in town to ask her boyfriend why he’s still in Ghostville, USA. What can we expect for Hanna in her Ravenswood debut? Ravenswood showrunner Marlene King weighs in...

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“Teddy bears,” Marlene tweeted on November 12 in response to a fan looking for details about Hanna’s visit to Ravenswood. We’re not quite sure how to take Marlene’s vague, whimsical answer, but we suppose it will have to be literally. So, maybe Hanna will be getting/dealing with teddy bears in Ravenswood. Given Pretty Little Liars’ history with creepy children’s toys (i.e. the doll shop), our imaginations automatically jump to some kind of spooky teddy bear scene for Hanna. Will she get trapped somewhere in the Collins Funeral Home again, mangey teddy bears her only company?

Or, perhaps Ravenswood and PLL have made us too cynical and suspicious. Perhaps, Caleb is just trying to make up for going incommunicado by giving his girlfriend a cuddly teddy bear with a shirt that reads, “I miss you beary much.” Doesn’t really seem like Caleb’s style, but the boy is desperate. And so are we to figure out what the heck is going on with our beloved Haleb.

In last night’s Ravenswood ep, Caleb said he was “confused” about Miranda’s ghostly presence in his life, implying that he may have feelings for her. Maybe this is just our Remy/Luke split-related heartbreak talking, but will Hanna’s visit to Ravenswood end in Caleb letting her go? Much like Luke, he has entered a new, scarier phase of his life, and it looks like he might need some space from Rosewood and the life he leads there to fully commit to figuring the Ravenswood curse out…

What do you think Marlene’s cryptic clue refers to? Do you think Haleb will break up while Hanna is visiting Ravenswood? Sound off in the comments below!

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