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Word on the street is that Mona (Janel Parrish) is getting a squeaky new love interest in Season 4B of Pretty Little Liars and that he will be shocking. We could speculate all day about who it might be, but we are perhaps most intrigued at one possibility: Mike Montgomery (Cody Allen Christian), aka Aria’s little brother. Is Mike Mona’s new love interest?

Yes, he’s always been drawn to trouble

Mike Montgomery is a bit of an enigma. In Season 2, he went through a rough patch that involved burglaring, teenage depression, and hanging out with Noel Kahn. It’s actually that last cry for help we find the most relevant. Because you know who was dating Noel at the time? One Mona Vanderwaal. Could Mona and Mike have become quasi-friends during this dark period in both of their lives? Now that they are (probably?) both making progress in resisting their dark tendencies, could they find comfort in one another? After all, we have seen photo evidence of Mona, Mike, and Aria hanging at The Brew in Season 4, Episode 17 (“Bite Your Tongue”). Even if Mona is still on the dark side, that might just draw Mike towards her like a moth towards a flame. After all, he has always been a bit of a rebel. And she’s always been into lacrosse guys.

No, he’s much too smart to get involved with Mona

On the other hand, Mike seems to have a turned over a new, more responsible leaf in Season 4. He is trying to be a good brother to Aria, and just live his life as a lacrosse-playing high school student. Getting involved with Mona would be complicated, to say the least. Not to mention kind of a terrible little brother move, considering Mona was the person who harassed Aria for two seasons as “A.” There’s also Mona to consider. So far, she’s gone for Noel Kahn. If that is her type, we’re not sure Mike fit. Sure’s he’s had his moments, but he’s nowhere near Noel’s impressive level of douchebaggery. This just might be a theory that stays as fun speculation.

No, he will end up with Hanna

This comment may seem completely out of left field, but Hanna and Mike dated in the PLL book series the television show is based on. We’re not saying this will happen because of that, but with Hanna and Caleb’s relationship in a “rocky place” right now with Caleb’s Ravenswood adventures and Mike all grown up now, the possibility of these two getting together isn’t completely insane. This relationship would be worth it just to see how Aria would react to it.

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