We’re exploring all of our options when it comes to the burning question: Who, if anyone, helped Alison (Sasha Pieterse) fake her death on Pretty Little Liars? One possibility we can’t help but explore particularly because of his deep pockets is Peter Hastings (Nolan North). Did Spencer’s dad help Ali pull off this elaborate ruse?

Someone has to fund Ali’s life-on-the-run

We’ve long had questions about expenditures on PLL (how does “A” fund all of his shenanigans did you see that lair?). Our most recent: how does Alison fund her life on the run. Sure, she often camps out in the crawl spaces of her old house and she looks a little worse for wear, but those red coats don’t come cheap, you know. Peter Hastings is a man of means. He has more than enough money to send in Ali’s direction with the right incentive.

She’s blackmailed her friends’ parents before

Speaking of incentives, Ali has always been good at drudging them up when she needs to coerce someone into doing something. We know that she blackmailed money out of Aria’s father in exchange for keeping quiet the secret of his extramarital affair. When Byron Montgomery refused to give her any more money, did she turn to Spencer’s dad? We know that she knew about Jason’s true parentage (i..e. he was a product of the affair Ali’s dad had with Spencer’s mom). Did she use this information to get money out of Mr. Hastings? Other possible secrets to use against Mr. Hastings? Whatever it is Spencer has been keeping from the Liars. We know she has a secret that has been tearing her up for the past few seasons, and we’ve theorized it is a secret history of drug use. Did Mr. Hastings and Ali both know about it and come to some sort of monetary agreement to keep it secret?

Peter covered up the field hockey stick

In Season 2, Mr. Hastings freaked out at Toby for digging up Melissa’s old field hockey stick. At the time, we thought he may have been involved in Ali’s murder, but now that we know Alison is alive, we wonder if he might have known about Alison’s fake death and was worried that the field hockey stick might somehow unravel the ruse.

Melissa’s suspicions about her father

Melissa Hastings isn’t exactly the most trustworthy of sources, but in Season 2, she told Spencer that their father had a very strange reaction to news of Ali’s death. She said he acted as if he was “relieved.” You can imagine how this didn’t look good murder-wise for Mr. Hastings before Ali’s miraculous not-dead reveal. Now, we’re thinking he was worried that no one would buy the fake death and his relief came from the news that it had been confirmed.

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