Pretty Little Liars showrunner Marlene King wasn’t joking when she said Season 4 would be the Season of Answers. We’ve discovered the identity of “A” and Red Coat, not to mention the bonus tidbit that Ali is still alive. What long-held question is she promising to answer next?

Way back when in the Season 1 finale, Ian tried to kill Spencer by pushing her off of the church’s belltower. He probably would have succeeded, too, if not for a hoodied figure who came along to push Ian off instead. Ian even seemed to recognize the mysterious hood but, since Season 1, we have come no closer to  discovering the person’s identity. Until now, that is!

In response to a fan question asking whether we would ever discover who killed Ian, Marlene tweeted: “Yes. You find out before the end of season 4! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Is that a hyperbolic “OMG” or is it really that epic, Marlene? And how many of us think it might have been Ezra?

  • Clue #1: The figure was wearing a black hoodie, a lá Ezra’s in the summer finale.

  • Clue #2: Ian and Ezra worked together at Rosewood High, which means Ian would have recognized him before plummeting to his untimely death.

We kinda, sorta hope it is Ezra who did the saving. Right now, Ezra needs all the good will he can garner to offset his “A”-ness. Having saved Spencer’s life may be the first (retrospective) step on the road to redemption.

Who do you think killed Ian? Sound off in the comments below! Sound off in the comments below!

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