We’re often looking for clarification on all of the nomenclature getting thrown around Pretty Little Liars. There’s Uber “A,” Original “A,” The Black Swan, Red Coat, Vivian Darkbloom, The Lady in Black, Board Shorts, Beach Hottie, etc. It can be hard to keep track, especially if we’re not sure some of these aren’t the same person. Take those last two, for example. Are Board Shorts and Beach Hottie the same dude? Pretty Little Liars executive producer Marlene King weighs in!

Marlene took to Twitter to answer the question of whether the Beach Hottie wears Board Shorts. She said: “Maybe.” OK, so not exactly groundbreaking, but it isn’t a flat-out no. Let’s recap what we know about each mysterious character.

Beach Hottie was the dude Alison was allegedly hooking up with that summer in Cape May. No one not even beach friend CeCe Drake knew his true identity. At one point in the summer, Alison thought she was preggers with Beach Hottie’s child and was terrified what he would do to her if he found out. Ali later writes in her diary that the pregnancy was just a scare, but is that the truth? And, scare or not, did Beach Hottie ever find out about it?

Board Shorts was brought up more recently (by Tippi the bird), and we’ve kind of always assumed he and Beach Hottie are one in the same. If they’re not, we know less about Board Shorts. The Liars assume that he is the one stalking Ali, which means that it follows that Ezra is the infamous Board Shorts. Or is he? Wren was wearing board shorts the very first time we met him. Could there have been two men with whom Ali was involved that summer on Cape May? Or, at least a Beach Hottie with whom she was involved, and Board Shorts, a friend and confidante?

Do you think Beach Hottie and Board Shorts are the same person? Do you think they’re Ezra? Sound off in the comments below!

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