There's one word on every Pretty Little Liars fan's lips as we head into the Season 4 winter episodes: "Alison." Rosewood's Queen Bee is back, and now that we know she's not six feet under, we're desperate to see her in action. But what can we expect from this former mean girl when the show kicks off again in January?

The Pretty Little Liars showrunners are even better at keeping secrets than Ali herself, but we've gathered all of the juiciest spoilers about Ali right here, so you can spend the next few weeks trying to piece together the puzzle of what happens next before finding out for sure when Season 4 returns on January 7, 2013.

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She's back, bitches. One thing we know for sure: Ali will be around, and that, of course, means a lot of emotional conflict for the Liars, whose relationships with their former BFF weren't all puppies and rainbows. We're especially interested to see Ali and Spencer interact, since Spencer was just starting to stand up to her bestie when things went south. And is Spencer's surprising secret linked to Ali?

We're also interested to see how Emily reacts to having her one-time crush suddenly show up in her life alive. She was already freaking out about seeing Ali again in the Halloween episode, and it sounds like she hasn't warmed up to the idea by the premiere.

Answers, answers, answers. Season 4 has been called the season of answers, and Sasha Pieterse promises that we'll learn a lot of truths about Ali. Keep an eye out for an "epic" scene between Mona and Ali, which showrunner Marlene King hints will reveal a ton.

Who's buried in Ali's grave? One specific question is who, if not Ali, is buried in her grave, and the winter premiere, Season 2, Episode 14, puts that question in its very title, "Who's in the Box?" Hanna will lead the charge in uncovering that truth, even turning up a lead. Go detective Hanna, go!

What is Ezra's connection to Ali? Another huge question is exactly how Ezra is connected to Ali. We'll be learning more about that too, but we can tell you this right now: He's been tracking her for "a very long time."

Will she be redeemed? Let's be honest: Ali wasn't always the nicest girl around. In fact, she was downright cruel to friends and enemies alike, and while she appears to have paid the price for her prying, that doesn't mean she's a good guy now. However, producer Oliver Goldstick says Ali will show remorse for her past actions, which makes us think she has a shot at being redeemed.

Let's talk Mrs. DiLaurentis. Ali and her mom never had what we'd call a healthy parent-child relationship, and we're still suspicious that Mrs. DiLaurentis knows more than she's letting on. Maybe we'll finally get some answers in the finale, where it looks like we'll be getting a flashback to the night of Ali's disappearance that includes mommy dearest.

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Catch the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 winter premiere on Tuesday, January 7, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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