We’re at our wits end trying to come up with an explanation for Ezra Fitz’s (Ian Harding) sketchy behavior in recent episodes of Pretty Little Liars. The likeliest explanation, of course, is that the hunky high school teacher really is “A,” aka Ali’s stalker and the bane of the Liars’ existence, but we’re not so sure. Here are five reasons why we think Ezra might be an investigative reporter...

The Bulletin Boards of Surveillance

Sure, seen out of context, Ezra’s walls of pictures of teenagers and their loved ones look pretty bad. But, what if those bulletin boards aren’t about finding and hurting someone, but rather about telling a story? Whatever is going down in Rosewood, it has conspiracy written all over it. Multiple deaths in a small town. The faked death of a teenaged girl. And, possibly, the story of twin sisters one living her life as the Queen Bee, and one forced to live in secret in the local asylum. Tells us there isn’t a bestseller in there somewhere.

He Is a Writer

Though Ezra is a high school teacher, his first love is for the written word. But we haven’t seen much evidence of him practicing his passion. Unless, he has been devoting his off-work hours to the research of the story of Ali’s disappearance and anything else that might entail. Did Ezra take a job at Rosewood High so that he could find out more about Ali’s life and “death” perhaps after meeting the teenager during her summer at Cape May?

His First Meeting With Aria

Now that we know Ezra knows much more than he is letting on, his first meeting with Aria seems particularly suspicious. Was his ignorance of Aria’s identity completely an act? It seems possible, especially given that he went to Hollis, aka the college at which Aria’s father teaches. Was Aria a mark for his story who he happened to fall in love with? We think it may be possible. And, looking back, their first scene together totally feels like a journalist/source setup. Actually, Ezra just has an intrepid reporter vibe in general.

His Drawer o’ MoneyHis Drawer o’ Money

Even before we learned of Ezra’s other super shady behavior, we thought the drawer of money Aria found in Ezra’s apartment was suspicious. At the time, Ezra was unemployed, so where did he get all that money? Our new theory: it was some sort of advance from his publisher. A financial backer pressuring Ezra to finish this story might be the motivation that has kept Ezra from explaining to Aria what he is up to. Otherwise, we’d like to think his moral compass would force a ‘fess up. Actually, we’re still kind of hoping for that.

He Attended Alison’s Funeral

We’ve always found it a bit strange that Ezra attended the funeral of Alison, a girl he supposedly never met. Whether he really did get to know Ali that summer in Cape May or not, the funeral would have been perfect starting grounds for research into Ali’s disappearance. Who attended? Who looked guilty? Who looked glad? Ali’s funeral would have been a wealth of information for anyone looking into the teenaged girl’s disappearance.

Do you think Ezra might be an investigative reporter 0r this theory totally crazy? Sound off in the comments below!

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