‘Tis the season to reflect on the past year, especially to determine who has been naughty and who has been nice. Pretty Little Liars is a show filled with homicidal ghosts, untrustworthy neighbors, and blossoming friendship. So, let’s make like Santa Claus and morally judge these fictional television characters’ actions! What? It’s all in the spirit of Christmas.  


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Ezra: We never thought we’d have to put Ezra Fitz at the top of the “naughty” list, but that’s where you go when we find out you’ve been stalking the Liars and hiding a double life. We seriously hope Ezra manages to rationalize himself off of this list next year, but given the sheer degree of duplicity he has exhibited in this ruse (especially to Aria), he has his work cut out for him.

Mona: We’re still not sure what Mona’s deal is, but her strides in playing nice in Season 4 don’t counter-balance some of the shenanigans she pulled last year: mainly, manipulating Spencer into a mental breakdown. As much as we love Mona, we wouldn’t call her nice.

Wren: Speaking of Radley, what is up with Dr. Wren? Though he may have earned some goodwill points by being there in Spencer’s hour of need, he lost all of them when we saw him a) following Hanna and b) manipulating Veronica Hastings off of Ashley Marin’s defense team. Coal for you, Dr. Kingston!

Toby: This may be a controversial choice, but we couldn’t put Toby on the “nice” list given some of the stunts he pulled this year. We know he was just trying to help Spencer and the Liars evade “A,” but letting Spencer think he was dead? A bit not good.


Credit: ABC Family

The Liars: It says a lot about the integrity of these four character that, even with everything they have been put through, they haven’t compromised their values or their friendships with one another. Give these girls some presents! They need something to distract from their recently returned-from-the-dead bestie.

Alison: We wavered about putting Alison on this list. After all, she could have spent her year on the run on some kind of international murder spree or as overlord of some drug-trafficking ring. But, probably not. The only actions we can attribute to Ali is how many times she’s stepped in to save the Liars from death or injury. That’s pretty nice.

Caleb: Caleb is the best. He was totally there for Hanna while she struggled to deal with her mother’s arrest for the Wilden murder. He confronted Hanna’s dad about not being there for his daughter, visited Ashley Marin in jail, and offered to sell his car to contribute to the bail money fund. Man, we’re going to miss him on PLL.

Paige: We didn’t get to see as much of Paige as we would have liked this past year, but when we did, she was being a pretty supportive girlfriend to Emily. She even threw Em a massive surprise party for her birthday and got her a meeting with one of the best swim coaches in the country neither of these things worked out very well, but Paige’s intentions were seriously sweet.

Do you agree with our lists? If not, what would you change? Sound off in the comments below!

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