You’ve got to believe that overachieving brainiac Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) already has her New Year’s resolutions strategized, outlined, and timelined — but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need the internet’s input. Here are five resolutions we think the Pretty Little Liars character should make for the new year.

Confront her sister

Things have always been tense between Melissa and Spencer, and we think it’s time Spencer confronted her sister once-and-for-all concerning what she knows about the “A” game. We really believe that, whatever else she is guilty of, Melissa is trying to protect Spencer, so we can’t imagine Melissa hurting her baby sister to get out of the situation. Therefore, what does Spence have to lose? Pull her hair if you have to, Spencer!

Find a future she wants

For most of her life, Spencer’s choices have been defined by what other people namely, her parents want for her. She has moved past that in the past few years, but she still has some way to go before she is completely out of the Hastings family shadow. With high school graduation approaching, we want Spencer to find a future that she wants. Something that excites her. She is so smart, driven, and has been through more than most adults she knows. She could do anything she wants.

Confess to her friends (and us)

Credit: ABC Family

Word on the street is that Spencer has been keeping a huge secret since the pilot both from the viewers and her friends. If there is anyone who has consistently been there for Spencer, it is the other Liars, which is why we think the teenaged super-sleuth needs to come clean about whatever she’s hiding. If it affects them, then they deserve to know. And, even if it doesn’t, then it will probably make Spencer feel better to get it off her chest. (Also, we totally want to know what it is.)

Have a serious discussion with Toby

Is it just us, or did Spencer and Toby never really talk through Toby’s decisions to join the “A” Team and fake his death? Maybe it happened off-screen, but Toby’s former “A” Team status is still a shadow looming over their relationship. And, even if it did happen off-screen, we want to see it, dammit! Besides, these two obviously need to talk things over. Things have been tense all of Season 4 what with Toby’s quest to find the truth about his mother’s death and asking Spencer to keep things from her besties, as a result.

Find “A”

We think this one might overlap with Spencer’s own list of resolutions. After all, it has been her driving motivation in almost all of the time that we’ve known her. She even kidnapped a small child last season in an attempt to infiltrate the “A” Team. That’s some serious commitment to uncovering the truth! It’s hard to imagine Spencer being able to move on with her life without having found “A” and bringing him to justice. So this might be the most pressing of New Year’s resolutions.

What do you think Spencer’s resolutions should be? Sound off in the comments below!

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