We can tell this is going to be a big year for Pretty Little LiarsAlison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse). She’s freshly-returned from the dead and, hopefully, ready to take Rosewood by storm. What five New Year’s resolutions do we think Ali should make? Read on to find out!

Tell Her Story

We’ve been waiting an entire hiatus to find out what the story behind Ali’s faked death is — and we’re guessing the Liars are probably just as eager. After years of trying to deal with both their bestie's death and all of the “A”-related shenanigans that have followed, they deserve the truth from Alison.

Reconnect With Her Family

We’re not sure what was going on behind closed doors in the DiLaurentis home to make Alison not reveal her fake death plan to her parents or brother, but barring any serious familial issues, we think Alison should come clean to family about her non-deadness. We’ve seen both her mother and brother struggle with Ali’s supposed death. If Ali could relieve any some of that pain, she should do it. (Unless of course they do know...)

Face Her Foes

Right now, it seems like Alison is largely powerless against the person (people?) who are hunting her. We’d like to see that change in the next year, watching the power shift from “A” and his potential allies back to Ali and the Liars. We’ve seen these teenage girls one step behind too often. We’re ready to see them take charge of this game of cat-and-mouse once and for all.

Apologize to Her Friends

Ali was sometimes the worst when it came to being the Liars’ friend before her death. She manipulated, controlled, and coerced them into doing things they didn’t want to — and that was on her good days. In her own twisted definition of friendship, we think that she had their best interests at heart, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t often suck at being a BFF. One or two apologies might not go amiss. (While she’s at it, she might want to thrown some “I’m sorry”s in Jenna and Toby’s directions.)

Some Character Development

This resolution is more meta than the others, but we hope the show allows Alison to change — both since we last saw her and in her return to her friends. These are hugely affecting events, and we’d like to think that Alison has undergone some serious character development since we last saw her that will continue to happen moving forward. Maybe she’s a better person. Maybe she’s a worse one. Maybe she took up knitting to pass the time. As long as she’s evolving. (Or devolving. We’re not so picky.)

What resolutions do you think Alison should make for 2014? Share your suggestions in the comments below!

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