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It’s the turn of the new year, which means setting some serious (and some not-so-serious) resolutions for 2014. Our list of five resolutions for Pretty Little Liars falls into both categories. What goals do we have for our beloved show in the upcoming year?

Explain EzrA

We’re totally willing to go down the “Ezra is ‘A’” road — it has great dramatic potential — we just want it to be worth it. We don’t want an elaborate fake out. And we’d prefer if it didn’t end in some unsettling way. (Please, Ezra, don’t be a creep!) Most of all, we just want it to make logical sense. This is a show that only works when it is successfully juggling many balls at once. The more it drops, the less interested we become. So far, PLL has done kind of an amazing job at keeping us surprised while still making sense. We don’t want this twist to be the end of that habit.

Let the Characters React to Alison

We are super excited to see how Alison is reintegrated into the Rosewood fold. Her miraculous return from the dead has the potential to forever change these characters we love — we just hope PLL lets that happen. We are seriously hoping that Alison doesn’t just pop up from time to time to make mysterious and vague statements about the “A” game, before disappearing back into the night. Dull. We want her to have real Ali storylines, and we want to see the PLLers struggling to deal with the return of their friend. Drama!

Give the Liars Some College Plans

It’s getting increasingly ridiculous that the Liars don’t seem to talk about college. We understand that they are busy with “A” and that the show wants to put off their high school graduation as long as possible, but we are nearing that point. Even if we don’t get any real decisions, we think some more college discussion and pressure is an easy way to ground these characters in reality. With the increasingly insane things that happen to this teenagers, that grounding is becoming more and more important.

Tell Us Who Killed Ian

Seriously, it’s been three seasons since Ian was pushed off of the bell tower in the Season 1 finale. We want to know who did it! (And we kind of hope it was Ezra because that would earn him some much-needed goodwill as it was Ian’s attacker who saved Spencer’s life.) We’re ready for this particular truth, show.

Some of our favorite PLL moments have come when it is the Liars against the world, i.e. when everyone else thinks they are crazy, guilty, or both. Is it cruel of us to wish for a little more pressure to be put on our girls? (What can we say? We love narrative angst!) And might we recommend as a source the state cops currently hanging in Rosewood in an attempt to solve Wilden’s murder? They need to be doing more, and arresting one or all of the Liars for murder would certainly do the trick. Bring on the fuzz!

What resolutions would you make for PLL for the new year? Share your suggestions in the comments below!

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