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We had no idea that Pretty Little Liarshunky high school teacher Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) was Uber “A” but that doesn’t mean no one else did. Take Rosewood’s resident Boo Radley, for instance. Does Toby (Keegan Allen) know Ezra is “A”? We speculate below.

Toby was on the “A” Team

We’re still not sure what Toby’s level of involvement was on the “A” Team (or if the “A” Team was really the “A” Team or Ali’s personal vengeance squad). He has been gone for long periods of time with little to no explanation over the course of the series’ run. Sure, when he fesses up to Spencer about his motivations for joining Team “A,” he claims he has never seen “A”’s face, but is he telling the truth? It’s hard to believe that Toby worked for the “A” Team for so long and never met the man in charge.

Toby is about to disappear

We know that, later in Season 4B, Toby will disappear from our screens for a run of episodes. In real life, this is because actor Keegan Allen took time off to make his Off Broadway review in Small Engine Repair. But what is the reason for Toby’s disappearance within the context of the show? Could it be “A” Team-related, i.e. the reason he has vamoosed before? If so, it stands to reason that Toby is still playing both sides, and that he knows who Uber “A” is.

They are never seen together

As PLL is a show that is mainly about our core four, it’s not so crazy that Ezra and Toby have never shared a scene unless there is a reason for it. If these two are in cahoots together, it makes sense that they would want to keep their relationship a secret. If no one can connect the two, then no one would be able to connect one back to the other should either be found out (just like Toby was in Season 3). “A” Team basics!

They both love Liars

If there is anything that these two men have in common (besides their gorgeousness), it is their love for a Liar. Ezra is head-over-heels for Aria, and Toby would (and has) done anything to protect Spencer. Could this have been the common interest that initially brought them together? Perhaps, Ezra’s “A” is not the nefarious force we assumed, but someone who aims to protect the Liars from the people who are really out to get them. It wouldn’t have been so hard to convince Toby to join up with protecting the Liars as an official mission statement.

Do you think Toby knows Ezra is “A”? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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