We tune in to watch Pretty Little Liars week after week for a number of reasons — the music, the ridiculous fashion, but most importantly, the writing. Season 4, Episode 15 (“Love ShAck, Baby!”) was a heavy episode. From Emily coming face to face with her past with Ali, to Hanna revealing a huge “cradle-robbing” shocker, and Spencer dealing with her daddy issues, this episode was an emotional roller coaster. Oh, and then there were the harrowing moments when Ezra was the creepiest.

So let’s relive all the drama by taking a look at the best quotes from “Love ShAck, Baby!”

She's just being Hanna

Hanna: “I don’t know what that means, but sure.”

Emison moment!

Ali: “I saved your life — twice. I risked everything for you.”

Keeping the Haleb ship afloat

Ashley Marin: “No matter what happened, what you had was real. I know it was. Nothing changes that.”

Spencer ships Ezria

Spencer: “You like Jake, you love Ezra.”

Like mother, like daughter

Emily: “Actually, it’s so Pam Fields of me. I’m becoming my mother.”

Hastings family drama

Spencer: “And what, you’re the only barrister in town?”

Spencer cuts to the chase

Spencer: “Forget CeCe. I want to know who put her on the payroll.”

Ali was joking, right?

Aria: “Despite her freakish pink hair dye, I’ve always admired Suzie for her awesome sense of style.”

Sparia Moment FTW

Spencer: "Are you afraid I'm going to steal your uncle's lightbulbs or something?" 

Ezria and Jaria and Emison and Paily, oh my!

Emily: It's no fun lying to them, is it? 

Aria: No. 


Emily: We gave Ali to "A." 

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