RIP Jaria! During January 21’s Pretty Little Liars (Season 4, Episode 16: “Close Encounters”), Aria made the decision to end her relationship with Jake. She likes him, but she’s in love with Ezra. Clearly, she’s going to choose Ezra.

Watching Jakia break up came as no surprise, but it’s the implications of this decision that really have us worried. Poor Aria: the girl has no idea how big of a mistake she just made. After all, how’s she to know that Ezra is actually “A”... almost certainly the very same person who has been tormenting she and her friends for all these years?

With Ezra and Aria back on, she’s setting herself up for crazy, intense amounts of heartbreak. Not to mention danger! Can you imagine all the time they’re going to be spending alone together in that creepy cabin?

Before Jake said goodbye to Aria for good, he offered a bit of information that just might clue Aria in to how dangerous her situation has become. “I saw him totally go off on a woman outside the Grill today,” Jake tells her. “Some blonde. He was screaming at her, pounding on her car.”

Aria shoots back that this couldn’t possibly be the case. “The Ezra that I know, he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.”

Jake knows Aria is deathly scared of someone, and he tells her he always wondered if it was Ezra. She’s in full denial, but he leaves her with a warning. “Just do yourself a favor. Keep your eyes open.” Listen up, Aria!