We tune in to watch Pretty Little Liars week after week for a number of reasons — the music, the ridiculous fashion, but most importantly, the A-mazing writing. Season 4, Episode 16 (“Close Encounters”) saw our Liars dealing with matters of the heart, as Emily came face-to-face with her feelings for Ali, Hanna moved on with Travis, Aria broke things off with Jake, and Spencer dug into Radley’s dark past for Toby. With so much on the line, things are getting intense in Rosewood. 

And then there’s shady Ezra, who freaked out at his pretty blond accomplice. Was that Meredith in the car? Or someone else? We're really hoping Aria wises up to Ezra's lies soon because our nerves can't take much more of this! 

So let’s relive all the drama by taking a look at the best quotes from “Close Encounters.” Do you have a favorite snarky moment? Hit the comments with your faves.

Hastings life lessons

Mr. Hastings: “I’m not lying to her. I’m just not sharing everything. There’s a difference.”

Everything must go

Hanna: “He moved on, so I’m moving on, too.”

But who’s the real enemy?

Shana: “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

And the worst thing to say after a breakup is...

Aria: “We can still be friends.”

Sorry, Caleb

Hanna: “Watch out, Travis. I’m coming for you.”

Snarky Spencer returns!

Spencer: “I would have gone with jewelry instead of roasted duck, but that’s just me.”

Angry Ezra

Ezra: “You have really screwed up!”

Dropping truth bombs

Jake: “You know I do care about you, which is so hard for me to understand why you want to be with a guy like Ezra.”

Listen up, Aria!

Jake: “Keep your eyes open.” 

Not for long...

Ali: "I know I can trust you, Em. I'm not so sure about them." 

Is Ali playing gAmes?

Spencer: "She's trying to divide us!" 

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