We tune in to watch Pretty Little Liars week after week for a number of reasons — the music, the ridiculous fashion, but most importantly, the A-mazing writing. Season 4, Episode 18 ("Hot For Teacher") saw our Liars keeping secrets from… each other. Spencer, using prescription pills to fuel her EzrA research, is keeping her “A” theory from the other Liars until she can find solid proof. Meanwhile, Aria is getting sick of keeping secrets from the Liars, but she doesn’t quite know how to tell them about Ezra. As for Emily, well, she’s going behind the Liars’ backs to get to Ali… through Shana. But she’s not the only one making secret alliances — Hanna and Holbrook’s friendship is also leading toward more “A” clues.

So let’s relive all the drama by taking a look at the best quotes from “Hot For Teacher.” Do you have a favorite snarky moment? Hit the comments with your faves.

Aria gets sassy

“I’ve got a finger you can use — it’s not the nice kind.”

Hanna's still freaked

“I’m about to have a breakdown, and your floppy foot is about to send me over the edge.”

Hanna's happy feet

“I finally feel like I have feet again.”

Shana is Team Emison

“How start a Friends of Ali Club, make collages, and write fanfiction?”

Mike and Mona like slow jams?

“I kind of need a break from Mike and Mona, too. They’re just a constant barrage of slow jams and lip balm.”

Creepy Ezra

“Spencer, sloppy work leads to consequences. I’d hate to see you suffer.”

Ticking clocks

“Did she take her grandfather clock because I heard it clanging through the phone.”

Spencer starts to lose it

"I always got the idea that she was the level headed one." 

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