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We tune in to watch Pretty Little Liars week after week for a number of reasons — the music, the ridiculous fashion, but most importantly, the A-mazing writing. Season 4, Episode 19 ("Shadow Play") saw Spencer’s world turned upside down and black and white. Spencer, using prescription pills to help her dig for clues in Ali’s diary, loses sense of reality when she envisions a world inspired by 1940s Film Noir. A whole new world brings a whole new quotable lingo!

Since this episode primarily takes place in Spencer’s head, she takes center stage in the hunt for Ali. And in case you were wondering if there was a way to make Ezra even creepier, a glimpse into Spencer’s mind should do the trick. So let’s relive all the drama by taking a look at the best quotes from “Shadow Play.” Do you have a favorite quotable moment? Hit the comments with your faves.

Easy A

Hanna: “If I was a teacher, and my student only brought me coffee mugs, I would so start flunking people.”

Understatement of the Year

Hanna: “I cannot worry about anything else. My brain is full.”

Think Before You Speak

Hanna: “Em, get real. This is all about the A-ness of things.”

Ezria Hope

Ezra: “True love, honey. You just can’t kill it.”

Always a Romantic

Aria: “I fell in love for the first time… that’s when I lost all my interest in tree-climbing. You just grow out of it.”

Pot, Meet Kettle

Ezra: “I’ll tell you what I know about people: they’re no damn good.”

Ain't That the Truth

Ali: “No woman has ever been able to warn another woman about a man.”

Did Spencer Hurt Ali?

Ali: “That is a scary look, Spencer. Maybe you should be the one I’m afraid of.”

Keeping It Real

Aria: “I think I liked you better when you were dead.”

Boy Logic

Toby: “I hit him hard, but I only hit him once.”

You Don't Have to Yell...

Toby: “Don’t look at the book! Look at the pages.”

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