Tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars might be one of the most dramatic ever! That’s because during Season 4, Episode 20: “Free Fall,” Aria finally finds out that the love of her life, Ezra, has been “A” all along.

An episode this dramatic needs some pretty stellar music, and luckily, PLL delivers... as always! We’ve got the artists, song titles, lyrics and music videos for each song. Keep refreshing throughout the show, as we’ll be adding to the list all evening!

Artist: Madi Diaz

Song: "Control"

Scene: Aria and Ezra are doing dishes and talking about Spencer.

Lyrics: Everybody tells me that I’m not that strong

‘Cause you lead me on

Everybody’s saying you’re never coming back

One more heart attack

If somebody tells me the truth just one more time

I’m gonna lose my mind

Oh when you leave, when you leave, when you leave I’m waiting under the sheets

Under the sheets

Artist: Lily Lane

Song: "Nothin’ But Trouble"

Scene: Aria tells Spencer that she and Ezra are together again.

Lyrics: I know that you’ll never change

So we should go our separate ways

All these allusions