We love all of Pretty Little Liars’ constant thrills and surprises, but at the end of every episode, it always seems as though we have more questions than answers — and that was especially true this week.

To that end, we’ve tackled the biggest questions from this week’s episode in order to figure out what’s really going on in Rosewood, and to pick up on any and all clues.

Here are 10 questions from Season 4, Episode 20: “Free Fall.”

1. Is Ezra telling the truth about writing a book?

Well, there you have it: Ezra isn’t “A” after all, and instead he’s an aspiring true-crime author (watch your back, Truman Capote). But can we believe him that he’s just writing an innocent book? After all, he seemed awfully determined to keep Aria from reading his manuscript, as he knocks the pages out of her hand on the ski lift. What exactly was in those pages?

2. Did Spencer do something to Ali while she was drugged-up two years ago?

Something went wrong the last time Spencer was poppin’ pills, given her mom’s reaction this time. Since Ezra says this week that Spencer was able to drive to school and not know what she had done, we’re wondering if Spence could know something about Ali’s death and not remember it because of the meds. Let’s also not forget Ali’s comments last week about Spencer trying to kill her once before.

3. Was Toby’s “look at the pages” comment actually a clue about Ezra’s manuscript hiding place?

In last week’s episode, Toby tells Spencer to “look at the pages” instead of just the book as she snaps out of her pill-induced fantasy. Could this be a sign that Toby knew Ezra was hiding his manuscript inside the hollowed-out Carnivore’s Delight book where Aria found the manuscript? Perhaps Toby has been working with Ezra?

4. Was the Black Widow at Ambrose Pavilion with the Liars?

The words “black mamba” were repeated numerous times this week in the zoo’s snake house. So we suspect this is a hint that the mysterious Black Widow is there and perhaps she’s the one who’s in the wig. But is this Ali’s twin? Or someone else?

5. Is Mona at the snake house — since she’s late to meet Mike?

Someone who just may have been the person in the wig at the snake house is Mona. Indeed, the show makes an awfully clear point of Mike commenting on the fact that Mona is late to their movie date. So was that Mona in the wig, and is she still working with Ezra?

6. Did Ezra knock Ali up or not?

We have to point out that Ezra clearly does not respond when Aria asks whether he impregnated Alison. So as disturbing as this is to consider, we have to wonder whether he and Ali really did have a pregnancy scare. Plus, the fact that Ezra actually knew Aria was underage when he met her, makes him that much sketchier, no?

7. Why did Ezra want Aria to come to his cabin in the first place?

We still don’t get why Ezra would go out of his way to invite Aria to the cabin and even give her a key if he’s so concerned about her sneaking around in there. Also, it’s odd that he would think to pack up his basement lair but just leave his manuscript lying about all willy-nilly. And since when does the cabin have a security code Aria didn’t need one when Em’s car broke down, right?

8. How did “A” get Wren’s pad if he’s in London?

We’re thinking it’s likely that “A” stole Wren’s prescription pad in order to plant it in Spencer’s bag but how did “A” find the pad if Wren is currently still in London with Melissa? Is this a sign that Wren has snuck back to the U.S. and is working with “A”? Or maybe “A” swiped Wren’s pad before Wren flew across the pond? Regardless, Wren really needs to keep a closer watch on that thing.

9. Does CeCe have something to do with this week’s snakes?

CeCe just happened to save the day when the Liars were last tormented by a snake, back when Spencer was in the dressing room in Season 3’s “Single Fright Female.” Is this a sign that CeCe has hung out in Ambrose Pavilion - meaning CeCe is the one in the wig? Either way, we assume the Liars would like to get those motherf--kin’ snakes out of that motherf--kin’ pavilion.

10. Why did Aria take out Ezra’s manuscript on the chairlift?

Oh, Aria. Why is it a good idea to brandish Ezra’s manuscript when they’re trapped on a ski lift? And not to add to the “Aria is ‘A’” conspiracy theories, but is there a chance it’s Aria whose gloved hand we see snatching up the manuscript pages at the end since she would really want to read them? By the way, does the idea of Ezra as an undercover journalist feel a bit too How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days for anyone else’s tastes?

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